Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's fun to make something a little more 'special'!

Well it's been a hectic but fun week for me, sewing to my hearts content and sourcing fabrics and lace, so I really have been a busy bee indeed! And as I'm sitting here now, catching my breath, I thought I would show you something I was working on today.

A friend emailed me the other day (a man, can you believe it? This one buys the most amazing shoes and bags for his wife - so no, he's not gay! LOL) to say that Blue Lawn were having an Odd Molly sale - well of course, I knew that, already been to the site and purchased something, but nevertheless, I thought it was kind of him to tell me!

For those of you who don't know this site, it's UK based and very reputatble, as I have purchased a number of items from them over the years, so it's worth a visit, especially right now......

So then, this is what I bought - the pale blue Appeateaser dress. I already have the chalk version and have, shall we say, 'embellished' it, as it's gorgeously pretty, but I just didn't like the nylon lace on the bottom, so needless to say, I already had a piece of lace set aside for it!

And this time I thought it was appropriate to add a piece of lovely white cotton lace to match the white embidery and I think it just makes it a little more special.

And my trademark little bows, just adds the finishing touch!

Looking forward to wearing this one over the weekend - weather permitting, as it's freezing here today and the forecast is not looking good! :-(

I hope this little posting inspires you to have a go at enhancing something you own, that perhaps just needs that little extra 'something'

It's fun and whatever you embellish will be unique to you!




  1. So pretty dress.
    I found a new shop with Odd Molly clothes, check my blog!

  2. Hej Camilla!

    Thanks for dropping by - will check out your blogspot also!

    Hope you managed to find something nice to buy!!